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Ari Carrillo







Minneapolis / Minnesota
English, Spanish

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects

Final Cut Pro
3Ds Max


Unreal Engine
Microsoft Office

Japanese Woodcuts, Russian constructivism, Guadalupe Posada,​

Mayan and Aztec Art,Vintage Movie posters, Genzoman, Satoshi Kon,

Federico Fellini, Martial Arts movies, The Art of Final Fantasy, Clamp,

Yoshitaka Amano, Range Murata, Saint Seiya, Invader Zim

2018 - "Newt One" Postmortem at IGDA Twin Cities Chapter

2018 - "Newt One" Gamer's Choice Award at VGM Con in Minneapolis, MN

​​​2017 - "Newt One" Player's Choice Award at GlitchCon in Minneapolis, MN

2017 - "Newt One" VGA Gallery in Chicago. Exhibit: The Ears have Walls A Survey of Sound Games
2016 - "Newt One" Best Visuals Award at Gamer's Rhapsody 3 in Minneapolis, MN

2012 - Q & A Comicon San Diego, Children's International Film Festival

2012 - Mondo Voodoo. Gallow Games modeler, game designer & script writer​​

2011 - Anime Mania Workshop "How to draw anime" at Tomodachi in Roseville, MN

2009 - Q & A Comicon San Diego, Children's International Film Festival

2008 - "The Cock & Bull Story" Best Animation at Orlando Hispanic Film Festival
2006 - "La Cecilia" Official Selection Rome International Film Festival

2003 - "Adelita" Honorable Mention at Utah's Short Film & Video Film Festival

2001 - "Frame the Frog" Silk screen commission for the Permanent collection at Utah Valley State College

© Ari Carrillo 2003 - 2019

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